Ghost or Horror you decide.


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Ghost or Horror you decide.

Post  Nekalah on Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:15 pm

Ghost or Horror you decide.

By Trina Mallo

Jake Williams wandered if he wasn’t being an idiot standing here in the Old Settler’s Cemetery at midnight. Maybe he’d been a fool to take that silly bet. He could be home now enjoying a good night’s sleep. As it was, the night air chilled him to the bone and dead tree braches whispered in his ear, “Go Away, Go Away.” The bet ment he had to stay inside the cemetery walls until down or pay up. The two strange guys at the bar who’d bet him said they’d be watching from their parked car, taking turns watching. The local legend about some awful creature that rose from the cemetery soil every night in search of human flesh never scared Jake as he always thought it down right childish. But to wander. Then Jake froze when he saw the earth rising up in a thick mound only a few feet away. Jake began to shiver, unable to think of what could possibly lift earth at this grave site up and down like as if the grave was breathing. Up and down it breathed when suddenly….

Fade out…

Then come back… A big black claw came shouting up form under the mound and started to dig himself out. Jake started to get scared as he remembered the local legend, but froze with fear unable to move as the evil creature lifted himself from the earth. Jake now able to move started to walk backwards from the creature as it moved closer and closer. Jake could not make out the face of the creature. The creature had big red eyes, long snout, sharp fangs dripping with blood, and stood abut 12 feet high off the ground it had cores black fear. The two strange guys who was watching from the parked car got out of their car to see the creature coming closer and closer to Jake. Jest when Jake thought all was lost he spun around on his heels and come running from the cemetery screaming, “The Legend, The Legend”. The two guys stopped him out side of the gate of the cemetery while saying, “What about the Legend“? Jake still screaming, “ The Legend it is real!” The two strange guys looked at each other and then at Jake with a smile on their face saying, “Jake we know it killed us last week while we were on the same bet, we lost with our lives.”, “Now that you lost the bet it is time to pay up with your life because it wants you to eat.” The two strange guys then grabbed Jake and drag hem back into the cemetery. The two strange guys told Jake, “That it will only hurt for a second “, as they started to change right before his eyes. The two strange guys changed in to nothing but bones with no flesh.

Darkest Evil This Way Comes.

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