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( Untitled) 2009 Empty ( Untitled) 2009

Post  Nekalah on Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:16 pm

Morrigan, Add to or change what you want dear.

( Untitled)

Wulsin walked down to the edge of the lake full of good wine and food. He was at ease in his stride, and began strolling along the water’s edge letting the cool night air and the unique aroma of the Highlands wash over him. At the age of 72 he was not as agile as he would like to be yet he still managed to scramble upon the large nearby rock so as to contemplate his surroundings from a higher vantage point. As he scanned the banks on the other side of the still waters his attention was grabbed by a soft bluish glow amongst a stretch of thick bracken and bank weed. Intrigued, he scrambled down from his perch almost falling in the process and decided to walk the little way to where his small boat was moored, to cross to the other side to investigate the soft bluish glow.

The cool night breeze danced across his face and hair, but hardly stirred the waters as he pushed away from the small jetty to begin the crossing, and he felt strangely youthful as he began to row his way to the other side. He felt as thought he was starting his journey as a strange and eerie images floated to the surface of the rippled water as he made his way bringing to mind his one and only true love from a time before the Reaping had erased all but the most determined from the face of the Earth. Unsettling as this memory was to him it still felt as though there was something afoot tonight that would result in some kind of revelation. He did not know if this feeling was going to last or any for that matter why the memory came to be in his mind as fresh as the day it happened. Then he brought his attention back to the journey at hand as he moved closer and closer to the other side.

His anticipation begin to rise to the ultimate high as he brought his boat to the shore and climbed out of the boat with the swiftness of a 20 year old to tie it off on a nearby tree. So he would not lose his only means of getting back to the other side where he came from if and when he needed to be quick. After this task was done he went in search of the bluish glow unsure were to look first, but as he walked throw the thick bracken and looking throw the bank weed he came to were he saw the bluish. Then he saw it move into the thicket and farther away from were he is standing the first thought was could it be a lamp of some sort. Deciding that it was a lamp because no other explication could do. he was going to follow it to see who was carrying the lamp or whatever it was because he thought that maybe someone was hurt or looking for something. Wulsin followed it farther and farther away from the shore line and his boat. As he walked on he tried to remember were he was coming from and keeping up to the glow.

After a few more feet into the thicket he saw that he was approaching the woods. As he moved throw the trees he heard music and had the feeling that air was faint at first as he got closer to the bluish glow. He could hear the music was getting louder and louder. Until he came to a cabin nestled deep into the wood unknowing why anyone would ever live out here. He then noticed that the bluish glow was gone and that it was getting dark out, the sun was almost down. He knows that he had to go into the cabin for the night because of the creatures that come out at night feeding off the lost and abounded. So he made his way to the steeps of the cabin as he started his clam he could here the music coming form inside.

He was on the porch now and he peered into the window to find a beautiful girl dressed in a soft bluish gown that glowed as she sang her song. The song was lovely and yet sad at the same time. The girl seemed to be his age with long hair black as the night sky. As he watched her walk about the room he decided to knock on the door to get her attention so he could ask if he could come in for the night and go home when down come. He knocked on the door; he had thoughts going throw his head. As he thought of a way to tell her how he got to this place but when she opened the door he quickly forgot every thought he was going to say because what he saw was a girl who looked exactly like his true love that he had lost so many years ago.

She seeing that he was at a loss for words she asked him to come in and stay for the night. she had a southern charm about her as she smiled at him. He came inside and followed her to the sitting room. she said you may have a seat while I get you something to drink and eat. As she disappeared in to the next room he hard her say now what am I to do with this one. he is to old for what you have planed, but he could hear anther person’s voice as it said leave him be and late him go in the morning but for tonight give him something to eat and a place to sleep. We shall feed when the time is right.

He rose quickly and began to leave when the girl came back with a tray of food for him to eat after that was done he was shown a place to sleep for the night. When the morning light came into the window he saw that he was alone. So he made his way back to the place were his boat was docked to find it still their but when he climbed in he heard a soft music playing on the wind as it danced across his face and hair. He made his way back to where he once came and telling himself that he is lucky to be alive but he valued not to go back to the cabin or the girl again. For he shell not be so lucky the next time if there is a next time.

As time went on and his life got back to what it was before going to the cabin. He never forgot what happened that night in fact he had dreams of going back. He felt that something was pulling him back to the cabin. So one day on his death bed at the age of 93 years he decided that it was time to tell his tile. With the help of a young girl named Lilith he told his tile to her. As Lilith wrote his tile down and he said all that needed to be said to the young girl. She began to laugh as she finished writing down the last word. Lilith said to bad it will never be published after you pass for your time has come. He looked at her puzzled and asked her why she would say such a thing. Lilith looked at him with eyes of a woman he once knew. I was sent here to watch over you and to report anything that you would say about that night. For I was there you didn’t see me but I was there. This is a sad day for you because all was well until you decided to write about that night so long ago. Now it is really the end and time for us to feed.

The End!!!!!

Darkest Evil This Way Comes.

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